Thursday 27 October 2011

Living well?

Are you living well?  Are you eating well?  Are you moving well?  Are you developing your life forward or living it in a way that truly reflects your potential?

In the hustle bustle lifestyle of hectic London; be it in the city, out in the suburbs or commuting simply for work, it’s known to be a difficult thing to prioritize life options and make vital things such as health an important factor.

Reading the word ‘health’ anywhere either draws in attention or makes one look away in denial.  This should not be the case, health should be something so integrated within our steps that it only inspires us to better ourselves.

The umbrella that covers this one word defines our lives, our abilities and essentially determines how well we live.  Living well is a concept that encourages healthy nutrition, psychological state, relationships and social abilities, stress control/management and a healthy and positive outlook on life.

Realistically this isn't entirely possible; eating disorders begin, relationships end, managing stress levels becomes difficult, and it can all turn into a downward spiral.  This is life - therefore it's important to understand each individual's threshold of 'living well'.  It is from this threshold, that one may be able to improve and adjust things, adding changes, be them however small.

The key remains in having a thorough understanding of the benefits and limitations of healthy nutrition, physiology, biomechanics, mind and psychological health - to enable a person's living, alongside how the certain beliefs that individuals possess may be moulded to help them reach optimum decisions for their own health.